Cell Phone Cases and Covers

A case can protect a fragile Smartphone from most forms of damage. A rubber sleeve or a rigid shell can keep a mobile device working like new, even if it’s frequently dropped. No two covers are exactly alike, and it’s a shopper’s responsibility to decide what type of protection is best for a Smartphone.

Sleeves are best suited to protect your phone’s display and bezel from scuffs. The thin rubber layers are durable and don’t add much weight, so your mobile device will still be convenient to use. Hard shells are designed to secure your phone’s internal components during accidents. The rigid cases ensure that hardware won’t be jostled or fall out of place and add additional heft to smart phones that feel flimsy.

You should also consider finding a cover that protects your screen. The Otter box Defender series for the iPhone 5 has a plastic shield to prevent dust particles from scratching the screens. In addition, other iPhone cases are bundled with screen covers that you can install.

Different cases may be more convenient for different situations. If you don’t like carrying your phone in your pocket or bag, covers with belt clips are available. There are armbands that protect your device during your workout.

You should also consider different aesthetics when it comes to your case. Your phone should be as fashionable as it is functional, and you can find sleeves with unique designs that suit your tastes. For instance, you can buy a solid black sleeve to give your device a sleek look.

Of course, the most important consideration you should make is whether your Smartphone will fit inside the case. If your protective sleeve isn’t the proper size, your device may be damaged. Additionally, manufacturers install button covers for different phones, so some features may be inaccessible if you buy the wrong case.


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